Pre-planning a Townsville funeral
A funeral bond is a safe, simple and effective way to put funds aside
We can help you to discuss all of the options available to you
"The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone"
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Benefits are paid usually within 24 hours
One less thing to worry about during this emotional time
What are the benefits to my family when I pre-plan my funeral?

Given the opportunity, most of us prefer to plan for the future. We plan for holidays, marriages, the future education of our children and of course, our retirement.

Dying is as much a part of life as being born. Why? because most of us don’t spend much time thinking about death.

A funeral bond is a safe, simple and effective way to put funds aside that grow in a secure and tax effective environment to help meet the expense of a funeral. Funeral bonds also have significant advantages for means tested Centrelink and Department of Veteran’s Affair pensioners.

Bonuses credited to a Sureplan Policy are not treated as member’s income for tax purposes and not subject to the provisions of income and asset tests.

There are no entry or exit fees and benefits are usually paid out within 24 hours of being advised of the death.

Is my money safe? This is the most common question from our community

Yes. Sureplan is a secure fund. Sureplan has a successful history since 1935 of managing funeral funds.

Sureplan’s investment activities are regulated by the Corporations Act and the Life Insurance Act.

Remember, there are many advantages in planning ahead. Your own peace of mind knowing that you have faced this issue with responsibility, and your family will be spared the additional stress of making funeral arrangements when they are grieving your passing. Your family, like most others could have difficulty in finding sufficient funds within a few days to pay for the funeral.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of pre-planning a funeral or pre-paying a funeral, give us a call. Life is full of uncertainty…for your family’s sake… make the call today.


What others are saying about Fitzgerald's Funerals
"We would like to take this sincere opportunity to convey our gratitude to you for the manner in which the service was conducted and the generous way you have provided your time to place our daughter at complete ease during these painful times. It has been comforting to know that even after the funeral and paid aspects of the day have been carried out, you continue to give yourself in a comforting and advisory role to help ease their pain."
J & B, Burbank, Brisbane
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At Fitzgerald’s we appreciate the planning stages of a funeral service can seem overwhelming. Our services are designed to make this process stress free for our customers.
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Our caring team at Fitzgerald’s Funerals fully appreciate that there is no easy way around grief. It is a natural response to the loss of someone special or something we value.
We aim to make the funeral process as personal and caring as possible. Here are what some of our past clients had to say about the Townsville funeral services we provide.
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A truly local family came to understand the need for a choice in funeral care for the residents of Townsville and districts and in 1997 Fitzgerald’s Funerals was established.
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Fitzgerald’s Funerals has a clear focus on providing an affordable and dignified alternative in Funeral Care. Your time of loss and your hour of need is our priority, and as such, we ensure each funeral is individual and our assurance is utmost attention to detail and planning.

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