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Making a custom designed farewell service
At Fitzgerald's Funerals we appreciate the planning stages of a funeral service can seem overwhelming
"The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone"
Harriet Beecher Stowe
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In addition to the necessary elements of the funeral there are also many choices and decisions that will make the farewell a meaningful and personal event
Keeping you aware of costs

The cost of a funeral will depend upon the choices and decisions you have made, and our policy is to ensure you are aware of all costs prior to the day of the service. These are divided into three areas.

Professional service fees

The Professional Service Fees refers to co-ordination and planning of the funeral by the funeral director.

It also includes all costs incurred in transfer, use of vehicles and facilities as well as the preparation of your loved one for the funeral.

Coffin or casket

There is a variety of caskets and coffins available. Costs for these are determined by the construction involved, the timbers selected, and the finish provided. At Fitzgerald’s Funerals, we are committed to assisting you to make the selection that best suits your needs.


These are paid for by the funeral director on behalf of the family and may include: cemetery or crematorium fees, funeral notices, floral tributes, clergy/celebrant fees, cremation permits and death certificate. Some of these payments will be made on or before the day of the Service.

At Fitzgerald's Funerals we have the facilities to ensure all your requirements are realised
White Dove Chapel

The Funeral Service for your loved one may be conducted at the crematorium, the graveside, your church, or our White Dove Chapel facilities which are at your disposal. The Chapel has ample parking and seating and can be configured to suit religious or non-denominational services.

Facilities include projectors and audio equipment if required. An area is also set aside for a wake if desired and catering can be arranged on your behalf. Please contact us about arrangements for a funeral and we will be able to direct you to a suitable venue.

During this time of need we appreciate that decisions have to be made

We have a range of products you can choose from to make a really personalised funeral service.

Providing valuable assistance to you we have a fine selection of coffins from which to choose
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Urns and keepsakes are very individual, so we encourage you to examine our selection
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What others are saying about Fitzgerald's Funerals
"A letter to say thank you so much for your support during the last couple of weeks with our loss. You’ve gone above and beyond your job for our family and I want you to know how much we appreciate all you have done. Your words of support and guidance have helped me deal with my most tragic loss. I hope all families find someone as wonderful as you during their times of losing a loved one."
K & J, Victoria
Our services
At Fitzgerald’s we appreciate the planning stages of a funeral service can seem overwhelming. Our services are designed to make this process stress free for our customers.
Helping you cope
Our caring team at Fitzgerald’s Funerals fully appreciate that there is no easy way around grief. It is a natural response to the loss of someone special or something we value.
We aim to make the funeral process as personal and caring as possible. Here are what some of our past clients had to say about the Townsville funeral services we provide.
Who we are
A truly local family came to understand the need for a choice in funeral care for the residents of Townsville and districts and in 1997 Fitzgerald’s Funerals was established.
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Servicing Townsville since 1997

Fitzgerald’s Funerals has a clear focus on providing an affordable and dignified alternative in Funeral Care. Your time of loss and your hour of need is our priority, and as such, we ensure each funeral is individual and our assurance is utmost attention to detail and planning.

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Our commitment to you is always to provide personal and professional care