Committed to Caring

A few letters of appreciation ……

We would like to take this sincere opportunity to convey our gratitude to you for the manner in which the service was conducted and the generous way you have provided your time to place our daughter at complete ease during these painful times.

It has been comforting to know that even after the funeral and paid aspects of the day have been carried out, you continue to give yourself in a comforting and advisory role to help ease their pain. Sometimes it takes a complete tragedy to make us realise that there are still people in this world that can come into the lives of complete strangers in times of need or distress and provide comfort as would a genuine family member.

J & B, Burbank, Brisbane.

A letter to say thank you so much for your support during the last couple of weeks with our loss. You’ve gone above and beyond your job for our family and I want you to know how much we appreciate all you have done.

Your words of support and guidance have helped me deal with my most tragic loss. I hope all families find someone as wonderful as you during their times of losing a loved one.

K & J, Victoria.

On behalf of my family, I would like to thank you very sincerely for your kindness and assistance with the arrangements for our mother’s funeral. Your thoughtfulness and guiding hand helped us through a difficult time.

VR, Townsville.

Many thanks for all that you did for my Gran. Losing her has been the pits, but having her “send off” dealt with so compassionately by you guys certainly helps in the process of coming to terms with her death.

CP, Townsville.

Thank you once again for a lovely service and your kindness, help and understanding.

I & W, Essex.

Thank you all very much for the time and thoughtfulness you gave to our family when my father passed away. The service you gave was perfect.

SB & M, R, & S U, Townsville.

I thank you for your role in our recent bereavement.

The dignified service you extended was so very much appreciated but more so were the personal aspects in other small ways. It all helped to allay the solemnity of the occasion

VF Townsville.